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State Government needs to start listening to the Citizens of Idaho


Protect Individual Freedoms

The citizens of Idaho have had their jobs and businesses deemed non-essential, their movements restricted, and personal medical decisions denied.  None of this was voted by the legislature, it was dictated by state and federal agencies run by unelected bureaucrats. 

The citizens of Idaho asked for this to stop in the last legislative session, their voices were ignored.  It is time to be heard!

Reform Property Taxes

The current property tax calculations are forcing people out of their homes.  There needs to be formulation of property taxes that does not follow market speculations. 

Eliminate the Grocery Tax.

With inflation steadily increasing, the legislature could provide relief to the citizens of Idaho by eliminating the grocery tax. 

Parental Rights and School Choice 

The right of parents to determine the school their children attend and how they should be educated needs to be protected.  Emergency declarations and school boards can not override a parents rights.  

Stop the rise of the Bureaucratic State 

The legislature of Idaho has given much of its power to the Executive Branch.  More regulation and more bureaucrats erode the rights and power of the people.  It is time to return the power to the legislature.

Protect Gun Rights

Outside groups like Bloomberg's MDA keep pushing to enact unconstitutional gun control laws in Idaho.  At the same time, self-defense laws are vague and open to feelings instead of law.  The legislature needs to continue to prevent New York Billionaires from imposing their will on our state and clarify vague laws.

Ensure Election Integrity 

The county clerk of Idaho went above and beyond the call of duty to keep Idaho's elections valid.  Many found themselves working against conflicting laws and regulations.   The legislature needs to address this and provide better laws that will ensure the integrity of elections in Idaho.

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